I'm Vishal Chhajer, and I couldn't be prouder to call Kolkata, India my hometown. Those formative years in the city enriched me with its incredible cultural tapestry. While my academic journey started with a BCom degree, it was my undying passion for visual art that truly set my soul on fire. Mumbai became my canvas, and its bustling streets, vibrant energy, and people became my muses.

As a self-taught visual artist, I discovered the art of storytelling through the lens of a camera. Working as a Video Producer at Buzzfeed India and Sabyasachi Calcutta further honed my skills, allowing me to breathe life into compelling narratives.

Beyond my corporate world, I've had the joy of collaborating with renowned brands such as Bira 91, Redbull India, Swiggy, Film Companion, Spotify, House of Masaba, Stories by Joseph Radhik, and many more. These partnerships let me infuse my artistic vision into commercial projects, adding an authentic touch and a unique perspective.

But one of my deepest passions lies in street photography. Being a dedicated member of the Bambai Collective, I immerse myself in capturing the raw, unfiltered essence of Mumbai.